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PIMMS Group is a purposeful, innovative and multi-faceted brand, housing a comprehensive range of services and product development expertise in the plastics and manufacturing sectors.

PIMMS Group is the PERSONALITY of our business. It can deliver all-encompassing solutions for the development of new and current products. Using innovative thinking, quality design, latest technology and quality processes, the results show passionate commitment, outstanding workmanship, quality products and great service.

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Getting your next product idea designed & manufactured should not result in wasted money, time & added stress!!

Our world class expertise, processes, workmanship and service is the recipe that will take your product across the finish line and bring success.

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PIMMS Group Structure

PIMMS Group includes three service driven companies complementing one another by offering customers a complete turnkey solution from industrial design and tooling to manufacturing and product delivery.

Also under the PIMMS Group you will find the supply of industry-leading products under varying brands. From transport, industrial, mining and telecommunications, to packaging and lifestyle.

pimms group structure

Our Turnkey Service Driven Companies

KM Product Design
km design



KM Product Design

KM Product Design is an award-winning industrial design consultancy that specialises in innovative product design for mass production.

​Established in 1993, their skilled, passionate and approachable industrial designers continue to successfully service both local and international clients in all disciplines of design.

Extensive experience in a wide range of product development from consumer plastic products to highly specialized industrial equipment, which includes in-house 3D prototyping and finite element analysis testing for predicting how a product reacts to the real world.


KM Product Design continually strives to use the most modern software and has access to the latest rapid prototyping methods available, ensuring an efficient development cycle.

KM Product Design was the primary design consultant of six previous award-winning products in the SABS Design Institute award scheme, now known as the SABS Design Excellence Awards

Come and have a cup of brewed coffee with us and brainstorm your idea into a reality!



Daneo Tooling

DANEO TOOLING SPECIALISTS is a tool, jig and die making company that specialises in making precision injection moulds. Located in Johannesburg, they are positioned in the hub of the South African tool making industry.

Together with their highly trained workforce and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, tooling, CAM and CAD software, Daneo Tooling can design and manufacture your mould from start to finish.

As a proudly South African company, Daneo Tooling have more than 20 years experience in the industry. Because they value and recognize changing needs, they are constantly exploring new ideas and innovative solutions for their clients!

Daneo Tooling can develop cost effective, low volume moulds for clients with the consistency of an injected moulded part but at a much lower cost than a typical high-volume mould, allowing for shorter lead times during the manufacturing process.

Daneo Tooling has a network of local and global tool making partners. Depending on your tooling requirements, they can either manufacture it in-house (locally) or project manage it abroad. This allows for multiple moulds to be manufactured simultaneously so that your end product can reach its target market on time.

No matter how simple or complex your project is, Daneo Tooling can manage it! 

Daneo Tooling logo
daneo tooling specialists
pimms manufacturing logo
pimms manufacturing



Pimms Manufacturing

PIMMS Manufacturing is a specialist injection moulding company with a world-class facility situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. They manufacture for both local and global markets and they are as passionate as you are to get your product into the market.  At Pimms Manufacturing, it’s their # 1 priority to bring your ideas to life!

  • In operation since 2001
  • Operates 24 hours a day
  • Small to large products
  • 80 Ton -2400 Ton Low Energy Consumption Machines
  • Custom Moulding

At PIMMS Manufacturing, they can offer their customers all the needed facilities for mass production from product development, mould design & creation, through to manufacturing, component assembly and packaging.

Pimms Manufacturing have a passionate and highly skilled team of engineers and technicians who are readily available to help you with your manufacturing needs.


With more than 18 years of plastic injection moulding experience, Pimms Manufacturing focuses on innovation and quality processes. Having adopted ISO 9001, a Quality Management System, they are able to continuously improve their overall performance and focus on providing their customers with products and services of consistent quality.

Pimms Manufacturing’s injection moulding capabilities range from 80 ton to 2400 ton machinery with state of the art robots, allowing for small to large products to be produced to exacting customer standards. They are constantly updating their facilities to ensure quicker turnaround together with their ISO 9001 Accreditation. Did we mention that Pimms Manufacturing operates 24 hours a day? It’s to shorten lead times so that you can start making money with your next product!

Pimms Manufacturing moulds plastic components and parts for various industries such as electronic; mass transfer; automotive; mining; fibre optics and trucking but it doesn’t stop there. They mould using engineering plastics (glass filled nylon, acetal, polycarbonate and ABS) as well as general purpose types (polypropylene, polyethylene-HDPE and LDPE).

How we can create your product worth selling

Our Product Brand Companies


Trucking and transportation products


Safeload is the #1 Preferred Product Choice in the transport industry. Their products are designed and tested to ensure that either the vehicle or its load are safe and secure!

Safeload’s range of excellently designed and manufactured products include Corner Protectors in various sizes, Mighty Chocks, Wheel Nut Indicators, Tough Boxes, Maxi Pro Tool Boxes, Fire Extinguisher Boxes and the Medical Pro Boxes, all of which are made from high performance and durable plastic.

As a Proudly South African company, Safeload values and recognises changing needs and are constantly innovating, designing and manufacturing new products in the transport industry, always with safety in mind.

They have partnered with leading industrial designers, engineers and injection moulders to ensure that the highest quality standards are always met!

Not only are Safeload’s products reliable, they are Built Africa Tough!

safeload built africa tough
SaniChoice personal protection equipment




SaniChoice is a brand under Pimms Famous Brands (Pty) Ltd which has been in operation since 1986.

We provide dynamic quality products to keep individuals safe from germs at home and in the work place. We understand that there is no substitute for quality, and strive to offer the best possible products to ensure our customers have the best chance of protection against harmful viruses. Our online platform offers customers an easy and convenient shopping experience to find the personal protection products in one online shop.

Find all the personal protection products in one shop for your office and home environment. 

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Our products are updated continuously to ensure you have the latest personal protection equipment for your home and office.


  • Wall and contactless foot dispensers
  • Hand alcohol liquids and sprays
  • Face shields and masks.
  • Medical wear and equipment
  • Thermometers
  • Washing devices to clean your masks
  • Signage for the office to make sure you are compliant and educating your staff

We supply to all industries and individuals. Contact us today and lets see which solution will fit your needs.


Contact: Jaco at or phone us on 010 222 0790.

pall chem




Pallchem specialises in the supply of plastic, steel and ceramic filtration media for mechanical, biological and chemical plants and towers with a focus on the petrochemical and mining industry. With tomorrow in mind, their company has a green, environmental drive.

Pallchem is an innovator in the South African Mass Transfer Industry. They are passionate about local production. Your project needs can be delivered on time and within budget, no exceptions. Pallchem’s reputation is built on rock-solid technical knowledge and their obsession with quality control.

The best part is that our products allow corporations to be environmentally responsible and protect the environment.  

  • Plastic Beta, Cascade and Pall Rings
  • Plastic Super Saddles
  • Metal Pall Rings
  • Ceramic Saddles



high quality lifestyle products


LifeBrnd supplies a wide range of lifestyle, corporate and outdoor products which are made from high-quality plastics.

LifeBrnd brings the ordinary South African man on the street products that simplify life and are next level. We develop, design and manufacture locally and focus all our attention on our wonderfully diverse South African consumers.

With the input of design and engineering experts as well as ordinary South Africans with lifestyle needs, LifeBrnd is bringing these products to your nearest retail store or online app. Watch this space.




lifebrnd products
7twenty degrees




7Twenty Degrees supplies a comprehensive portfolio of its own plastic products which are primarily for the fibre optic industry amongst other state-of-the-art telecommunication related products.

With its formidable tech-savy research department, 7Twenty Degrees investigates different markets to identify telecommunication challenges and predicts its needs. We offer a complete solution for our customers to meet their specific telecommunication product requirements from:- customised solutions, innovative products and design, through to manufacturing.

Our Products:

  • Boundary Wall Box and Fence Bracket
  • Access Box
  • Aerial Slack Bin
  • Boundary Slack Storage Bin
  • Boundary Wall Box IP68
  • FTTx Loop Joint Box

Focus on design and innovation

let's work with your idea and make it into a reality

The PIMMS Group Contribution Statement

We serve

God, our people, and our global customers.


Providing high-quality inventive products, services and turn-key solutions with excellence, at the right price and at the right time.

To help

Our customers achieve their goals and objectives in a safe, innovative and timely manner, thereby setting them up for success.

By doing this we

Advance the Kingdom and positively impact lives globally, while remaining a proudly South African company that empowers communities and creates jobs.

And drive our

Growth strategy, brand presence and profitability in a sustainable and responsible manner, for our people, customers and to the environment.

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